New Nail Art For Girl

Fancy nail designs with bright as well as subtle colors and with embellishments of rhinestones, beads, stickers, crystals, and acrylic nails are some of the cutest and funkiest patterns and the latest in-things on the radar of nail art and nail fashion. After the acrylic nail designs and classy French nail manicure, fancy nail designs are perhaps the latest fad that has caught the fancy of women all over the world. Fancy nail designs can also be applied using simple patterns and designs and fancy nail colors and the combination of two or three subtle colors.

Black nail designs are favorites during the Halloween. You can also try applying various stickers on black nail paint to create your unique black nail design. You can design your nails with polka dots or hearts. White base with black hearts or vice versa look really cool. You will also get to see many pre made black nail designs on the online stores. You can also check them out in your local beauty store. Black nail designs give your nails an out of the box look and get you the desired attention.
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