Latest Mehandi Dresses For Girl

The bride wears “gajras” in the mehndi, which adds an aspect of the tradition of her dress and gives an aspect of the East and made her look elegant and graceful. Sometimes the bride’s sisters, cousins and friends to wear the suit the same color as the wedding gown of the bride. On the other hand it can also select a color that is giving everyone a unique look at the event. Mehndi beautiful night. The colors, the clothes, the RAE, combine to make this marriage more easily at night culture in Pakistan. It usually takes a day or two before the actual wedding and making it the first time the bride and groom, along with the family, all about the competition Mehndi The term itself is the word urdu / hindi henna , and the event is sometimes called rasm-e-henna.

Traditionally, Mehndi is carried out separately for the bride and groom, but in more recent times, the families of couples have a common function to all guests weddings. Mehandi dress traditionally used yellow for the SAR is very common in all marriages, but the tissue and the work that changed forever the day. In the yellow, green and red with a lot of embroidery silks are here, as a dominant theme, it is summer in all its romantic connotations,
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